Welcome to Abril’s Corner

I decided to create this personal blog to serve as a little retreat for myself (and hopefully for you too!), a place where I can come to share and exchange ideas about whatever comes to mind at any given moment… basically my own little corner of the world (virtual world anyway) to decorate as I please.

I basically just want to share my journey of being, learning, thinking, eating, dressing up, traveling and loving life; maybe spark a connection with anyone out there on a similar path, and expand my perspective thru those on very different ones. Hopefully along the way I’ll develop my own unique writing style, and build a new career with it.

By the way,  let me state for the record that anything posted on here are my very own personal ideas and opinions, expressed as respectfully as possible, with no intention whatsoever of offending or imposing them on anyone. As a firm advocate of freedom of speech and tolerance, I beg of anyone wanting to comment on this blog to please do it the same way, with respect and tolerance.

Thank you for checking out my little corner, and hope you enjoy it!


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