I Heart Mexico

Graffiti on sidewalk in Colonia Roma

Sorry I was absent from the blog the past couple of weeks, but I am happy to confirm I’m still alive! I just took a little vacation to Mexico City last week, and even though I left for just one week, preparing for the trip and recuperating from it always takes time, at least for me anyway. However, this little vacation was more about spending time with loved ones and attending one lovely wedding, than about touring around the city.

I have toured the city several times before, in fact I lived there for a year a few years ago, but still I had planned to do it again on this trip; first, just because I love doing it, the city is beautiful, full of history, idiosyncrasies and fascinating sites; and then, because I wanted to take pictures of it all to share with you guys; but things didn’t go as planned… not that I’m complaining, it was wonderful to catch up with friends and family. Nevertheless, my friend Salvador, who lives in Seattle, but also happened to be in Mexico City last week, came to the rescue of my picture sharing plans. He is quite the photographer and took some wonderful shots of his adventures around the city, and has been kind enough to let me share some of them with you here. So, once again it all worked out for the best, because my amateur little pictures wouldn’t had been half as good as his.

So here I leave you to enjoy his skillful photos… plus some I took at the aforementioned lovely wedding, which were the only pictures I manage to take the whole time I was there.

  My favorite building in the city: Palacio de Bellas Artes
Top of  the façade of Palacio de Bellas Artes

Mural El Hombre en la Encrucijada by Diego Rivera, inside Bellas Artes
Mural La Nueva Democracia by David Alfaro Siqueiros, inside Bellas Artes

Soumaya Museum
Soumaya and the sky
The Cathedral, at El Zocalo
National Palace, at El Zocalo

Torre Latinoamericana

View of the city with the World Trade Center in the back

Artisan crafts at the San Jacinto Market in San Angel

Artisan crafts at the San Jacinto Market in San Angel

Crystal Hearts at the Artisan Market in Coyoacan

Beautiful setting at the wedding

What I wore

With my date

With my dad

With my brother

Wedding partying!
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