The Labyrinth of Life… Insight from Martha

Today I just want to share something I read this morning that was exactly the kind of reminder I was needing to get my week off to a great start. For the longest time, I have firmly believe in the old “Happiness/Life is a journey not a destination” philosophy, and so do most people now. However, what we know/believe/think is not always what we do or practice (which by the way this might be a topic I’ll discuss in the near future on the blog, because for years now I’ve been deeply intrigued by this gap between knowing and doing that seems to plague most of us at some point in life). Being aware of this gap, I try really really hard to practice what I believe, but of course there are days when it’s easier said than done. This brings me back to the excerpt I want to share today.
I’ve mentioned before that one of my favorites authors is life coach Martha Beck. She’s written many books and is a columnist for O magazine, and on top of that, she also writes a blog on her website, to which I am obviously subscribed.
Here I post an excerpt of her latest blog entry that really resonates with me at the moment. If you would like to read the whole thing, go directly to the source at

About halfway through my first walk, I found myself feeling terrified and angry. My thoughts went something like this: “This is such a waste of time. What am I doing here? I was two feet away from here before, now I’m doubling back for no reason—where is this taking me? What’s the goal? I can get there faster than this if I just jump….” on and on, ad nauseum.
As every life coach knows, the way we do anything is the way we do everything. The same thoughts that make me squirm in the labyrinth torture me when I’m writing, emailing, even sleeping. I should be going faster, getting somewhere. I should have more to show for this. I shouldn’t have to double back, to revisit old emotional issues, to wipe the same damn kitchen counter every day. These thoughts burble along just under the surface of my consciousness every day. They make me slightly anxious—okay, some days irrationally terrified—and lend a driven quality to moments when I could be relaxed and present.
I’ve heard the same comments from countless people, all schooled to the same obsession with forward progress. We set goals, draw flowcharts, march forward, criticize ourselves if we have to go back, if the same old stuff comes back to haunt us. We want to be DONE with things: the chronic pain, the haunting doubt, the bad relationship patterns, the grief of loss. We want to solve the maze and get out, to the place where we imagine there will be no problems to solve.
The labyrinth is teaching me to question the bits of driven, linear, achievement-based dysfunction that can make me miserable in a life of incredible blessings and good fortune. We didn’t enter life to get it done. There is no place not worth revisiting. We double back to find the pieces of ourselves that still clutch the same issues like a baby clutching its pacifier. Compassion invited us to this unbearably repetitive, slow, complex path of self-discovery, to show us that only when we surrender our idea of how things should be going do we notice that the entire thing is breathtakingly beautiful.

Look of the Day: Everyday

Spring is just around the corner, and though most fashionistas out there can’t wait to start rocking their spring/summer ensembles, I on the other hand am a little bit bummed about not getting that much of a chance to wear my coats and boots. Winters might get colder than you’d think in the desert, but they are very short lived.
And speaking of boots, I’ve had this pair for 7 years and have worn them every single winter. I can even get a little melancholic when thinking about items that have been staples in my wardrobe for years, and to think of all the moments in my life they’ve been a part of.
Anyway, this outfit is very much me. In fact, you could even call it my “uniform”. No matter what season, you’ll very often find me in this kind of skirt with a simple top and a major necklace. Just add weather appropriate footwear (boots, sandals, heels), a belt if I want to look more put-together, and that’s it. Comfortable, flattering and easy…doesn’t get any better than that.
Now tell me, do you have a personal style “uniform”? What is it? Please share!






Shirt: from Target - Skirt: vintage - Boots: Bakers
Necklace: ILY Couture - Handbag: Deux Lux

La primavera ya está a la vuelta de la esquina, y aunque la mayoría de las fashionistas allá afuera no pueden esperar para empezar a lucir sus mejores atuendos de esta temporada, yo por mi parte no estoy tan contenta de tener tan poca oportunidad de usar mis abrigos y botas. El invierno en el desierto podrá ser más frío de lo que imaginan, pero es muy corto.
Y hablando de botas, este par lo tengo hace 7 años, y las he utilizado cada invierno. Hasta me puedo poner un poco melancólica pensando en las cosas que se han sido parte de mi guardarropa por años, y de pensar en todos los momentos de mi vida en que me han acompañado.
En fin, este outfit es muy yo. De hecho hasta podría decirse que es mi “uniforme”. Sin importar la temporada, muy seguido me pueden encontrar vistiendo una falda de este tipo con una playera sencilla, y un gran collar. Sólo agreguen calzado de acuerdo al clima (botas, sandalias, tacones), un cinturón si quiero verme más arreglada, y listo. Cómodo, halagador y fácil…nada mejor que eso.
Ahora ustedes, tienen algún “uniforme” de su estilo personal? Cuál? Cuéntenme!

Look of the Day: Midi Skirt

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s look is the outfit I wore to my Valentine’s dinner celebration with my beloved. It is such a comfortable look, yet polished and romantic.
You already know by now that black and white is a trendy combination right now, and adding red to the mix is a no brainer. Another big trend we’ve been seing on the runways for at least a couple seasons is the midi skirt. Some of my favorite midi skirts looks were presented in the Christian Dior Fall-Winter 2012 collection.
For those of you who might be wondering, midi skirt is the term used to name skirts with a length that hits right between the knees and ankles. I personally like this length a lot because after years of seeing mini skirts have their moment, followed by the maxi skirts, the midi lenght feels refreshing to me.
Of course it might seem trickier to keep the midi skirt looking young and modern, but I think the key is in the shoes. Always wear heels! I added the platform shoe precisely for that reason. The whole look is very demure, so it needed some sexy shoes to add a kick (no pun intended!). Of course, the studded clutch also helps keep it fun and young.
Wishing you guys a fantastic week!





Dress: hand me down from a friend - Cardigan: Nordstrom's BP.
Shoes: Pay Less Shoes - Studded clutch: from Marshall's

Feliz lunes a tod@s! El look de hoy es el outfit que usé para la cena celebrando San Valentín con mi adorado. Es un outfit tan cómodo, además de romántico y con clase.
Como ya saben la combinación blanco y negro es una gran tendencia del momento, y agregar rojo a la mezcla es clásico. Otra tendencia que hemos visto en las pasarelas al menos por un par de temporadas es la falda midi. Algunos de mis looks favoritos utilizando este tipo de falda fueron presentados en la colección otoño/invierno 2012 de Christian Dior.
Para l@s que se estarán preguntando, el término midi se refiere a faldas cuyo largo queda entre las rodillas y los tobillos. Personalmente me gusta mucho este largo porque después de tantos años en que la mini falda ha tenido su momento, y le ha seguido la maxi falda, este largo midi es refrescante para mí.
Claro que puede ser un poco más tricky mantener un look con falda midi joven y fresco, pero creo que la clave está en los zapatos. Siempre usen tacones! Yo le añadí precisamente estos de plataforma por esa razón. Este look es muy recatado así que necesitaba zapatos sexys para darle ese punch. Por supuesto que la bolsa con estoperoles también ayuda a darle un toque juvenil y divertido.
Deseándoles una semana fantástica chic@s!!

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