Happy Children’s Day!!

For those of you who don’t know, today is Children’s Day in Mexico, so happy children’s day to all! I know it’s not a holiday celebrated in the U.S. (not sure about the rest of the world), but it is definitely a holiday in Mexico and celebrated as much as Mother’s Day.
Since I still owe you some pictures from my trip to California, it seems apropos to share with you today the ones from my day at Disneyland. As I probably mentioned before, the main purpose of the trip was to celebrate my birthday…ahem…my 29th birthday.
Despite being aware that I am still very young and the fact that I had never before been bothered at the thought of getting older (empashis on the er!), I have recently found myself freaking out a bit at the idea of turning 30. It’s not so much the acute realization of the inevitable aging process that has been causing my anxiety, although I must confess that witnessing the birth of a slight wrinkle under my eyes has gotten to me more than I ever thought it would back when wrinkles were exactly just a thought and not the imminent fact they now are, but the idea of running out of time to keep postponing some of life’s most important decisions, i.e. whether or not to have kids, is what has me twisted. I am also not entirely thrilled to be turning 30 with so many questions about what I really want to do with my life still unanswered, but I suspect 30 is not gonna sit around and wait for me to figure it out and it’s just going to come slap me in the face in exactly 340 days. I also suspect that if 29 years haven’t been enough time for me to figure it out, it is unlikely that less than a year will do the trick, thus I’ll probably be carrying my 20s motto way into my 30s: go with the flow.
Anyway, I apologize for raving about the latest trigger of my everlasting existential crisis. This post was originally meant to be just about sharing the photos of one of my happiest birthdays, which I spent in Disneyland indulging my Peter Pan syndrome. I would highly recommend you try it some time. Without further ado, here are the pictures:













Look of the Day: California

Finally I get a chance to do a little fashion post, even if I have to keep it short and sweet due to lack of time. I know that sounds like a lame excuse, but it’s true. Things have been crazy for several weeks, and even as I’m slowly trying to get back to my good ol’ routine, truth is my mind is still scattered from it all. So bear with me please.
As you know, I spent a few days in California in early April, and this is the outfit I wore my first day there. We spent it strolling down the famous Venice Beach boardwalk and soaking up some sun in Malibu beach. By the way, if you are ever in Malibu, I highly recommend you visit Malibu Kitchen at the Malibu Country Mart; it is the cutest little market where you can find fresh food and great pastries and enjoy them in a nice casual setting.
Of course for such a casual and relaxing day, I just wanted to be comfortable, so this outfit is what I chose. The weather was chillier than I was expecting, but luckily I recently scored the perfect jean jacket at Old Navy (I had been searching for one for ages!) and it did the trick.
Besides the photos of my look, I added a few others from that day, hope you enjoy them!










Skirt: vintage - Jean jacket: Old Navy
 Chambray shirt: Old Navy - Neon tee: H&M

I’m Back!


Last week in Hollywood

Hello my darlings!! I am back on the blogosphere, and with a big apology for leaving the blog in abandonment for the past 3 weeks. Several circumstances, from illness to travel, kept me away from this, my beloved little virtual corner of the world. I have every intention to take up blogging again as soon as possible… I have so much to share with you guys!
If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you have a pretty good idea of what I’ve been up to, but I still have tons of photos to show you, so stay tuned for those.
Now, what have you guys been up to lately?

~ O ~ O ~ O ~

Hola mis adorad@s!! Ya estoy de regreso en la blogósfera, y con una gran disculpa por dejar el blog en el abandono las últimas 3 semanas. Varias circunstancias, desde enfermedad hasta viajes, me mantuvieron alejada de este, mi adorado rinconcito virtual del mundo. Tengo toda la intención de retomar lo de bloguear tan pronto como sea posible… Tengo mucho que compartir con ustedes!
Si me siguen en Facebook, Twitter ó Instagram, ya tienen una buena idea de en que he andado, pero todavía tengo muchas fotos que mostrarles, así que estén pendientes.
Ahora, ustedes cuénteme en qué han andado últimamente.

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