Today’s post is the diary of my (and my hubby’s) third day in LA, which we spent doing a lot of driving around and sightseeing in some of the classic landmarks of the city. We also had some amazing food that day, which just made our day that much better. I haven’t shared much on the blog about my foodie obsessions, but if you follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, you know by now that if there’s something I love as much as fashion (and possibly even more!) is food!
We started our day with a delicious brunch at Le Pain Quotidien, which I had been wanting to try every time I’ve been to NY and just never got around to it. I didn’t even realize they also had locations in LA, but we just happened to drive by one in West Hollywood, and I just about caused my husband to crash the car by loudly surprising him with a “Oh my gosh, STOP! We have to eat there!”. And boy, let me tell ya, it was worth the conmotion and crazy U-turn. Amazing, fresh, healthy food and perfect bread and pastries. I also love their concept of the communal table. All in all, just a lovely place and concept.
Then, we moved on to what I decided to call my little exercise of visualization: a stroll down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Being the quintessential place for luxury shopping, I can’t actually afford to buy much in most of the stores there (we’re talking Gucci, Chanel, Tom Ford, among others, so definitely not your average shopping destination), but it’s still nice to walk down the street while reminiscing about one of my favorite scenes from Pretty Woman, and of course daydreaming about someday walking out of the stores with any amount of my favorite designer goodies.
Now, once we were done visualizing and daydreaming, I was set on finding the perfect spot to snap some shots of the Hollywood sign, which I had actually never seen in any of my past trips to Lala-land. Such goal took us on a little adventure of getting lost driving thru the Hollywood hills (not entirely lost thanks to the wonder of Google maps and smartphones but you get the idea). It was such a nice drive, and we did find a couple perfect spots to enjoy the view of both the sign and the city. We also found the cutest little market and coffee shop, and had some lovely afternoon tea and scones, nestled in the hills.
We then drove to get a quick look at the walk of fame and the Chinese Theater (places I had visited before so didn’t necessarily want to spend too much time there). Some more driving around Sunset Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, and off to dinner we went.
The chosen place was Pizzeria Mozza by (former Iron Chef) Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton (founder of La Brea Bakery). Of course, we knew we couldn’t go wrong with a creation of such culinary masters, and Pizzeria Mozza didn’t disappoint. We tried the fried squash blossoms stuffed with ricotta and they were something not to be missed if you’re ever in the area; then we decided on a classic margherita pizza so we could enjoy the deliciousness and difference that simple quality ingredients can make. The whole meal was sheer perfection. However we skipped the opportunity to enjoy one of their desserts in exchange for finding some other lovely place to know and enjoy it at.
We drove back to Beverly Hills and had some gourmet-sy flourless chocolate cake with chocolate mousse from Bouchon Bakery, which frankly was a bit too rich for my palate, but it was worth it just to sit and enjoy it by the beautiful Beverly Hills Canon Garden. Just the perfect ending to a perfect day.














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One thought on “Hollywood

  1. of course I also love le pain quotidien… one of my favorite spots ever… looks like you had a fantastic time there… thanks for the food recomendations and photos. When I visit LA I will definitely remember them. bissous from another great-food lover.
    pd you look so cute in your pics!!

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