Look of the Day: The New Icons

Today’s look of the day is as simple as it gets: black and white, jeans and t-shirt, and a little bit of sparkle. It doesn’t get easier than that, right?

I love this H&M “The New Icons” t-shirt, but must admit I usually like my tees to be more fitted and therefore more flattering to my fairly small waist. Nonetheless, I hope the shiny faux-diamond necklace and big hair, which I looooved by the way, brought the focus to my face instead.

Now, if you want to focus further south, then please do it on my white pumps. Not long ago, white shoes would’ve been the last thing to see on anybody’s feet, and for sure a big no-no to wear with a mostly black outfit, but all of the sudden white shoes are white hot! And that just goes to show you how volatile fashion really is. In fashion, rules are made to be broken, and what’s a “yes” and  a “no” are interchangeable at any given moment.

My friend Christina got to experience that last statement in person when I went over to her place a couple of days ago. I was there to help her remix her wardrobe, and for sure fashion “rules” were broken and several risk-taking yet very fashionable outfits were put together. We had so much fun, and I loved how open-minded she was about every suggestion I had for her. Of course we barely got thru half of her closet in the 4 hours I was there, but we still managed to do some impressive work, if I do say so myself, LOL. Just to give you an idea, we worked with 17 skirts, 17 tops, 7 pants, and 12 pairs of shoes, and we created 30 new outfit combinations that she had never considered or even thought about before! We were able to give new life to items she hadn’t worn in literally years; we also created some interesting combinations mixing her work clothes with her casual clothes, and even gave new purpose to some items. Seriously ladies, I’m telling you, start shopping your own closet and you’ll be surprised to find out how utterly wrong you’ve been every time you’ve whined about having nothing to wear. Christina happily discovered she actually has tons of things to wear, and I was more than happy to help her make that discovery.

 IMG_3255 editedIMG_3262 editedIMG_3248 editedIMG_3238 editedIMG_3266 editedT-shirt: H&M -Necklace: from Dillard’s – Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Shoedazzle – Clutch: H&M


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One thought on “Look of the Day: The New Icons

  1. Abril!!
    You worked miracles with my “abandoned” clothes! You truly revived many pieces I had not worn in so many years!! I’m in love with my “new” light summer jacket!! That plain white T-shirt, the bling bling belt, my 8 year old pencil skirts, the list can go on and on!!

    I loved the pieces you put together and the best part is that I will no longer look at my closet the same way. I now know there is always something fun and interesting in our closet (we just need to look closely)!!

    Thank you Amiga!!!

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