Look of the Day: Fun vs Flattering

Well, remember when I was talking about wearing an outfit and not realizing it’s not quite working on me until I look at pictures of me wearing it? This is sort of one of those outfits…except I was somewhat aware that this top wasn’t the most flattering on me…but sometimes I feel like wearing something just for fun, even if it’s not my best look, and that’s allowed, right?

Thank goodness I discovered this pair of black skinny jeans before ever wearing this top, because pairing it with anything else would’ve really made this a total disaster.

These photos were taken the same day as my previous Look of the Day (but I’m sure the nice hair gave me away on that one, hehe). After a long day, I didn’t have much time to pick out a different outfit, so I just switched my t-shirt for this flowy top, white pumps for black ones, and voilà! I went from day to night and off to a very nice dinner date. 

IMG_3287 cropped IMG_3288 cropped IMG_3299Jeans: Old Navy – Top: Express -Shoes: Aldo


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