Look of the Day: Long Overdue

Yes, you read the title correctly…a Look of the Day is fiiiinally on the blog! It’s been so long since I’ve posted one, but now it’s here with a vengeance. Not because there’s anything particularly extraordinary about my outfit, but because the photos turned out fantastic thanks to, you guessed it, Norma a.k.a Lapir0.

We shot these photos yesterday at sunset, and I had a blast. Nothing like working with friends, huh? Plus the location was beautiful and very Vancouverite. This is actually the second shoot we’ve done together here in Vancouver, but we are so bummed that Norma’s SD card seems to have gotten permanently damaged, and our chances of recovering the pictures from that shoot (which had turned out great as well) are looking pretty slim :(. Please cross your fingers that a miracle brings back those photos so I can share them with you guys.

Now, moving on to discussing the look a bit, well, it’s quite simple and self-explanatory. The only part worth mentioning is that this skirt is actually one of those dresses you can wear like 10 different ways, and although I’ve only worn it as a skirt so far, I love it! The color is one of my favorites, and the fabric so light and comfortable. It’s kind of the perfect item to lug around while traveling. I promise to keep you posted when I decide to get more creative and start exploring all the other possibilities this little blue dress has to offer.

I hope you guys have a marvelous weekend, I’ll be trying to make the most out of mine since it’s my last weekend here in Vancouver. If you want to get some instant updates on how I’ll be enjoying it, you can follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

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            Photos by Norma Ibarra from lapir0.com
 T-shirt: Old Navy - Dress: Elan from Nordstrom - Necklace: H&M
Bag: Urban Expressions from Nordstrom Rack - Shoes: Payless Shoes


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