Celebration of Light

Vancouver is definitely the place to be during the summer, so I feel more than blessed that I got to spend all this wonderful time in this lovely city. Not only is the city itself gorgeous and the weather perfect, but there’s always something fun going on, an activity or event to make sure everybody maximizes their summer experience. One of these events is the famous Celebration of Light, which I got to witness this year, 2/3 of it at least.

This international fireworks competition has been celebrated since 1990, and it consists of 3 days of activities leading up to a massive musical fireworks show set up by a different country each night. The fireworks shoot up from a barge in English Bay, making English Bay First Beach the most popular place to watch all of the fabulous pyrotechnics. And this is exactly where you could’ve found me on the first night of the event this year, which featured the U.K as the first competitor. A picnic with friends on the beach, along approximately 400K people, and a fantastic display of fireworks will be an experience hard to beat for summers to come. An unforgettable night for sure.

The second night however, I decided to watch the fireworks by myself from a different vantage point. As you guys know, I finally pulled out my DSLR camera and I’ve been trying to learn how to use it, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to practice. I headed over to Burrard Bridge to watch Canada’s successful attempt at beating U.K.’s display. In fact, they beat Thailand’s display as well, thus becoming the official winner this year. I missed the last night of fireworks due to a weekend trip down to Seattle, but I’m still sure Canada deserved the first place. It was without a doubt the best fireworks show I have ever seen in my life. If only my photographic skills could’ve been better to really capture its magnificence. Nonetheless, I gotta say I’m pleased to have gotten any pictures at all, even if they’re fairly mediocre. I’m happy with the experience and the lessons I got from it.

Of course, you can judge my little photos for yourselves as I’ll leave you here with them. I hope you enjoy them, but still highly recommend you do a Google search for the amazing pictures some more experienced photographers took as they’ll give you a better idea of how awe-inspiring Canada’s performance really was.

IMG_1007 edited IMG_1119 IMG_1116 IMG_1103 IMG_1076


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