Travel: Concrete Jungle

Finally, after 12 weeks on the road, I arrived home last night feeling like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz: there’s no place like home!! Unfortunately, it turns out that 12 weeks of not sleeping in your own bed means you have to get used to it again. In other words, I didn’t get great sleep last night, but I’m still very happy to be home. Granted, I’m also a tad overwhelmed with my long to-do list, so it’ll take a few days before I’m actually comfortably settled in again. However, I can get started on that to-do list right now.

“Post my NYC photos on the blog”, checked! Since this is what this post is really about. It was merely 5 weeks ago that I was in New York City enjoying everything the concrete jungle has to offer. This was my third consecutive year to visit NY during Labor Day weekend, and though I love the idea of making it a tradition to visit the big apple at least once a year, I may need to pick a different holiday to do so. Early September is still pretty hot over there; in fact, this year, it was the hottest I’ve ever witnessed, and being a woman of the desert, this humid heat is definitely not for me.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I might go take a nap while you scroll down to see the photos. Have a lovely weekend darlings!

IMG_1777 edited IMG_1799 edited IMG_1802 edited IMG_1949 edited IMG_1942 edited IMG_1928 edited IMG_1945 edited IMG_1821 IMG_1921 edited IMG_1892 edited IMG_1775 edited IMG_1853 edited IMG_1857 edited too IMG_1872 edited IMG_1833 edited too

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