Look of the Day: Cliche

IMG_2399 IMG_2413 IMG_2410 IMG_2450 IMG_2458 IMG_2473 IMG_2436                   Blazer: Forever 21 – Dress: vintage – Bag: from Nordstrom Rack                   Shoes: aldo – Quarts Bracelet:artisan work made in Mexico


For all those people who think of Mexico in terms of that old cliche image of a guy with a big hat, a poncho and a donkey, you ought to visit many of Mexico’s modern cities, including the very cosmopolitan Mexico City, and realize this beautiful country is so much more than the old cliche. Now, that said, if you visit some of the smaller more traditional towns, you might occasionally find bits and pieces of that old cliche here and there. Case in point, the donkey. Though I didn’t run into any guys wearing big hats, canvas clothing and ponchos, I did run into a very lovely picture perfect donkey, and of course couldn’t miss the opportunity for a snapshot. Isn’t he the cutest donkey you’ve ever seen?

Anyway, donkey aside, Look of the Day is back!! This look was shot months ago in Mexico, and it is one I really love. I am a sucker for ladylike looks, so pretty much any outfit including this midi-length, fuller skirt dress is gonna be a favorite for me. Plus the black and white color palette give the whole thing a classic yet modern feel. Just the kind of outfit that can come to the rescue on those “don’t know what to wear” kind of days. It truly requires minimum effort.

Wishing you guys a great week!!

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