Travel: Nostalgia

It’s been only 2 months since my last travel adventure and I’m already itching to get out there again. Especially when I look at photos of past travels and a big wave of nostalgia hits me like a brick. It’s not just nostalgia for a specific place or time, it’s nostalgia for the feelings I experience thru travel, no matter where I go. The excitement, the novelty, the discovery, the joy, the fulfillment…they can become addicting, and I’m more than ready for my next “fix”. Luckily, my next trip is quickly approaching, but until then I’ll have to settle for looking at old photos and reminiscing about good times.
And speaking of good times, I just realized I still hadn’t shared my photos of my trip to Puebla, Mexico with you guys, so we’re fixing that right now. It was such a good trip, not only because Puebla is one of those lovely cities with an old world feel and beauty, but because one of my best friends from high school, Mariana, lives there and I got to visit. It was almost a mini high school reunion since another of my best friends from high school, Artemisa, came along as well. We used to be a tight threesome back in the day, but we are even tighter now, despite time and distance. It feels so fantastic to have such a bond with people who have seen the best and worst of you and still decided to stick around. Thank God for technology bringing us virtually closer often, though I still miss them everyday…there goes the nostalgia again…



Look of the Day: Blue Jeans

IMG_2835 IMG_2810 edited IMG_2801 IMG_2798 edited IMG_2807 IMG_2855Photos by Nidy Hamue

Jeans: Old Navy – Sweater: Old Navy – Shoes: Shoedazzle – Bag: Coach


I can’t believe it had been four months since I last shot some Look of the Day photos!! But that dry spell is finally over as I bring you here today some photos we shot this past weekend. Let me tell ya, even though I’ve never really gotten good at this whole posing for the camera thing, I felt more awkward than ever shooting these photos. Honestly, ever since I started blogging my outfits, I have a new found respect for models and their work, and of course every other fashion blogger out there…They make it look so darn easy! I don’t think I’ll ever be good at this, let alone a natural in front of the camera, and I certainly doubt “practice makes perfect” will apply in this case, but I do hope practice makes me fairly decent some day…and maybe, just maybe even make the whole process more enjoyable.

Anyway, ever since discovering that the right cut and stretch in skinny jeans can work for my body type, I had been searching for colorful options to add to my closet, and finally I succeeded in finding a pair… or two (you’ll have to stay tuned to find out which other fun color I got, on a future Look of the Day). Of course, just as my black skinnys, this lovely electric blue pair (as well as my mystery color pair) I scored on sale at Old Navy. Seriously, thank you Old Navy from the bottom of my heart for not forgetting about us hippy girls.

This light-weight sweater was another find at the same store, and unfortunately for you guys the online sale is not as good as the in-store sale because I scored this baby for $5 if you can believe it. I love lucky $5 finds!

Now that I think about it, I scored every single item in this outfit on sale. Except for the Coach bag, which I borrowed but was also found on sale by its rightful owner, just fyi.

Well, gotta run now darlings, but thank you for stopping by my little corner. Have a lovely day.

P.S. I’m obsessed with dark lipstick!!! What do you think? Too goth?

Fashion: Sunnies and Bling

20140115-205238.jpg 20140115-205257.jpg 20140115-205316.jpgSunglasses: Kenzo from Nordstrom Rack

Earrings: Free Press from Nordstrom Rack


I usually wait until I wear a new purchase to properly show it to you on a Look of the Day, but with these two recent acquisitions, I just couldn’t wait! You know I love sunglasses aka sunnies, so much so that the pairs I own are starting to amount to a small collection, to which I am gladly adding this Kenzo darlings to. They’re the type to give you the bug eye look, but I love that the shape is sort of different, not quite square, not quite aviator, not quite an hexagon. Just different and unique. Two adjectives I could also easily use to describe this new pair of earrings. For the past several years I’ve been really big on the statement necklaces, and I’m not planning to quit on them anytime soon, but I’d like to expand my earrings repertoire a bit, so I couldn’t resist these lovely danglers. Aren’t accessories pretty much the funnest thing about being a girl?

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