Travel: Nostalgia

It’s been only 2 months since my last travel adventure and I’m already itching to get out there again. Especially when I look at photos of past travels and a big wave of nostalgia hits me like a brick. It’s not just nostalgia for a specific place or time, it’s nostalgia for the feelings I experience thru travel, no matter where I go. The excitement, the novelty, the discovery, the joy, the fulfillment…they can become addicting, and I’m more than ready for my next “fix”. Luckily, my next trip is quickly approaching, but until then I’ll have to settle for looking at old photos and reminiscing about good times.
And speaking of good times, I just realized I still hadn’t shared my photos of my trip to Puebla, Mexico with you guys, so we’re fixing that right now. It was such a good trip, not only because Puebla is one of those lovely cities with an old world feel and beauty, but because one of my best friends from high school, Mariana, lives there and I got to visit. It was almost a mini high school reunion since another of my best friends from high school, Artemisa, came along as well. We used to be a tight threesome back in the day, but we are even tighter now, despite time and distance. It feels so fantastic to have such a bond with people who have seen the best and worst of you and still decided to stick around. Thank God for technology bringing us virtually closer often, though I still miss them everyday…there goes the nostalgia again…



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