The More the Merrier

Today is a special day for my husband and I, it is our anniversary, a day to celebrate our love and our story. We met 12 years ago, fell in love 10 years ago, and got married 6 years ago. Last year we were celebrating all those milestones as well as our marriage and commitment with a wedding ceremony in front of our dearest and nearest. This year, we decided to celebrate by sharing with you all the biggest joy our love has brought us. It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce to you today that we are expecting our first child together!
So today we’re not only looking back at all the past milestones in our relationship, but adding the biggest one of them all to our story, and gladly looking forward to all the future ones to come. We couldn’t be any happier or more excited about this wonderful blessing in our lives.
Also, I’d like to add that this is the reason I’ve been MIA from the blog and all social media lately, but I do plan to come back and share more of my journey with you soon. Until then, I wish you all as much joy and happiness as I’m currently experiencing.
Have a wonderful day y’all!


Hoy es un día especial para mi esposo y para mí, es nuestro aniversario, el día en que celebramos nuestro amor y nuestra historia. Nos conocimos hace 12 años, nos enamoramos hace 10 años, y nos casamos hace 6 años. El año pasado decidimos celebrar todos estos momentos especiales así como nuestro matrimonio y compromiso realizando nuestra boda frente a nuestros mas queridos y cercanos familiares y amigos. Este año hemos decidido celebrar compartiendo con ustedes la mayor alegría que nuestro amor nos ha traído. Es con un gran placer y emoción que hoy les anunciamos que estamos esperando nuestro primer hijo juntos!
Así que hoy no sólo reflexionamos sobre todos los momentos especiales del pasado, sino que agregamos el más especial de todos a nuestra historia, y esperamos con ansias todos los momentos especiales que nos esperan en el futuro. Realmente no podríamos estar más felices y emocionados con esta gran bendición en nuestras vidas.
También quiero agregar que ésta es la razón por la que he andado tan perdida del blog y las redes sociales últimamente, pero por supuesto que planeo regresar y compartir esta etapa de mi vida con ustedes muy pronto. Por el momento, les deseo a todos tanta alegría y felicidad como las que estoy viviendo este momento.
¡Que tengan un día maravilloso!

Food: Avocado Corn Salad

Today I’m making a little parenthesis from my Europe travel stories, to bring you a recipe I made yesterday that turned out pretty good, both looking and tasting. It was a cold avocado corn salad that is pretty much the epitome of summer foods: cool, fresh and yummy.
As it’s been often the case lately when it comes to my cooking, I got the recipe from Pinterest, but slightly modified it to suit me and the ingredients I had at hand. I had actually been wanting to make this salad for a quite while, but for whatever reason whenever I craved it I didn’t happen to have all the ingredients available, and kept putting it off. However yesterday, things finally aligned and I had just about all the ingredients to make it happen. Let me tell you, I wish I had made it earlier! It was just perfect.
In fact, it looked and tasted good enough to share on Instagram, which I did and that’s what prompted this foodie post. A couple friends commented on there that they would like the recipe, that I might add it’s ridiculously easy to make, so here it’s my take on the Avocado Corn Salad (to check out the original version, click here):

1 cup cooked corn, fresh or frozen
1 avocado, cut into cubes
1/2 cup yellow sweet onion, diced
1/2 pint of cherry tomatoes, halved
1/3 of a cucumber, chopped
1/4 cup cilantro, chopped
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 Tbsp fresh lime juice
Salt and pepper to taste

Toss all ingredients together in a bowl and enjoy!
Makes 2 servings.


Food: Chilled Avocado-Cucumber Soup

I can’t believe it’s been several months already since I last proclaimed I would be doing more posts about food, and haven’t really done it much…just can’t seem to shake the procrastinator in me…but better late than never, right? (I seem to live by that motto).
Anyway, moving on…today I want to share a recipe that embodies everything that summer food is supposed to be: fresh, tasty, cool. On those endless 120*F/50*C days, all I crave is cold fresh food. Salads of course are an obvious choice, and sushi used to be my go-to option before I decided to significantly reduced my seafood intake to avoid the risk of radiation after what happened in Japan; but as versatile as salads can be, the options still seemed limited and I needed more than that to get me by thru a whole summer. So I took to Pinterest to find recipes that would keep things interesting and cool…enter the chilled avocado-cucumber soup.
As any good Mexican, I’m an avocado lover ever since first discovering guacamole back in my early childhood. I could pretty much put avocado on every dish, and lately I kind of have. Thus this recipe is absolute perfection in my eyes, especially considering how ridiculously easy it is to make. I mean it’s yummy, fresh, cool, tangy, easy and healthy…what more could I ask for?! You can find the whole list of ingredients (fyi I made mine minus the jalapeño) and instructions if you click here.



To find more yummy recipes, follow my Cravings! board on Pinterest.

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