Fashion: Sunnies and Bling

20140115-205238.jpg 20140115-205257.jpg 20140115-205316.jpgSunglasses: Kenzo from Nordstrom Rack

Earrings: Free Press from Nordstrom Rack


I usually wait until I wear a new purchase to properly show it to you on a Look of the Day, but with these two recent acquisitions, I just couldn’t wait! You know I love sunglasses aka sunnies, so much so that the pairs I own are starting to amount to a small collection, to which I am gladly adding this Kenzo darlings to. They’re the type to give you the bug eye look, but I love that the shape is sort of different, not quite square, not quite aviator, not quite an hexagon. Just different and unique. Two adjectives I could also easily use to describe this new pair of earrings. For the past several years I’ve been really big on the statement necklaces, and I’m not planning to quit on them anytime soon, but I’d like to expand my earrings repertoire a bit, so I couldn’t resist these lovely danglers. Aren’t accessories pretty much the funnest thing about being a girl?

Look of the Day: Cliche

IMG_2399 IMG_2413 IMG_2410 IMG_2450 IMG_2458 IMG_2473 IMG_2436                   Blazer: Forever 21 – Dress: vintage – Bag: from Nordstrom Rack                   Shoes: aldo – Quarts Bracelet:artisan work made in Mexico


For all those people who think of Mexico in terms of that old cliche image of a guy with a big hat, a poncho and a donkey, you ought to visit many of Mexico’s modern cities, including the very cosmopolitan Mexico City, and realize this beautiful country is so much more than the old cliche. Now, that said, if you visit some of the smaller more traditional towns, you might occasionally find bits and pieces of that old cliche here and there. Case in point, the donkey. Though I didn’t run into any guys wearing big hats, canvas clothing and ponchos, I did run into a very lovely picture perfect donkey, and of course couldn’t miss the opportunity for a snapshot. Isn’t he the cutest donkey you’ve ever seen?

Anyway, donkey aside, Look of the Day is back!! This look was shot months ago in Mexico, and it is one I really love. I am a sucker for ladylike looks, so pretty much any outfit including this midi-length, fuller skirt dress is gonna be a favorite for me. Plus the black and white color palette give the whole thing a classic yet modern feel. Just the kind of outfit that can come to the rescue on those “don’t know what to wear” kind of days. It truly requires minimum effort.

Wishing you guys a great week!!

Look of the Day: Sweater Weather

I am officially the worst blogger in the world as I still haven’t finished editing my photos of Mexico…and I know you’re probably tired of reading my excuses reasons, but in my defense I have been very busy with a lot of last minute planning. Planning what? Well, for that you’ll just have to wait at least a couple more weeks to find out… but I promise it is goooood, and you’ll totally forgive me for relegating my blogger duties.

Now, not only have I not finished working on my travel photos, but I also haven’t been able to shoot any new Looks of the Day. However, last winter I shot several outfits with my dear Norma, including this, this and this, but for whatever reason I didn’t post this look at the time, which  it’s coming in very handy right now.

Finally, the weather is catching up here in Arizona, and as of yesterday I think we can officially call it sweater weather. So this post comes with perfect timing as my first sweater outfit of the season! Also, this is my first festive outfit of the season, you know, with the holidays quickly approaching and all. And oh this skirt, this lovely skirt…my love for it hasn’t faded, not even a little bit.

20130106-IMG_5322 20130106-IMG_5316 20130106-IMG_5310 20130106-IMG_5346 20130106-IMG_5311 20130106-IMG_5355Photos shot in January by Norma Ibarra from

Sweater: from Nordstrom Rack – Skirt: Anthropologie

Clutch: H&M – Shoes: Carlos Santana – Belt: Loft

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