Look of the Day: The Last Goodbye

Today I bring you a look of the day shot on my last day in Vancouver. Right before heading to downtown Vancouver for a farewell dinner with friends, my dear Norma and I stopped by the Waterfront Park to try to get some photos with the Vancouver skyline as a backdrop.

The whole evening was the perfect way to say goodbye to this beautiful city, my wonderful friends, and this lovely time in my life. The sun was setting, the weather was gorgeous, location was perfect. Right after the photo-shoot, I rode the seabus into downtown for the last time, enjoyed a delicious dinner with my summer Charming Gardeners, and wrapped the night at my favorite jazz bar.

Even though I left Vancouver 4 weeks ago, with this last post and photos from my time there, it kind of feels like the last goodbye. I know I’ll go back there sometime, but for now…goodbye to Vancouver and to a time in my life that will never come back.

20130828-IMG_6737 20130828-IMG_6749 20130828-IMG_6771 20130828-IMG_6776 20130828-IMG_6785 20130828-IMG_6820 20130828-IMG_6838 20130828-IMG_6855 20130828-IMG_6860Photos by Norma Ibarra LaPir0

Blazer: Forever 21 – T-shirt: H&M – Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Payless Shoes – Backpack: Vintage

Infinity necklace: Tiffany & Co.

Travel: Between the Clouds

Two consecutive blog posts in a row? Shocking, I know. No, I’m not sick, just trying to catch up on things, and well, here you have it.

Another mountaintop post and photos, and just my luck, it had to be very very overcast that day, making it impossible to appreciate even see the views from Top of the World. Still, not complaining, I guess now I just have an even better excuse to go back to Whistler soon. Even with the clouded views, whatever I did get to see was lovely and I consider myself lucky I got to experience any of it at all.

Unfortunately, between the clouds and the on-and-off rain, I wasn’t able to take very many photos. So if you’re ever in Vancouver, definitely make sure to schedule at least a day trip to Whistler, ride the gondolas up the mountain, especially the glass-bottom peak-to-peak one, and experience it all yourself. Rain or no rain, you’ll love it, I promise!

IMG_1589 edited edited IMG_1595 IMG_1604 edited IMG_1606 edited IMG_1612 edited IMG_1616

Travel: Grouse Mountain

You guys have no idea how much I want to share my photos of Mexico with you, but the neurosis in me insists in having some sort of chronological order about my travels. So instead I’ll share some more photos of Vancouver, even when these turned out kind of gloomy and uninspired, which actually makes them the perfect reflection of that day.

Wishing you guys a fantastic weekend, TGI Friday!!

IMG_1768IMG_1770 IMG_1705 IMG_1719 IMG_1736 edited IMG_1754 IMG_1752 IMG_1746

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