Holiday Shopping


Hello my darlings!

Sorry I’ve been absent from the blog lately, but I’ve been pretty busy… and when I’m not busy I’m just exhausted, so posting has been difficult. I’ll try really hard to shoot some Looks of the Day this weekend, but even if I fail, I do have a holiday party to attend on Saturday, so definitely will be posting photos of that outfit (which it’s still yet to be determined!! Any suggestions?).
Anyhow, I’m in really good spirits today, really feeling the holiday spirit actually, thanks to a wonderful and impromptu shopping spree last night. It had just dawn on me yesterday that as happy as I am with Christmas quickly approaching, that also means it’s time to start stressing over Christmas presents. Despite the fact that I love buying presents for everyone and anyone, trying to figure out the perfect gift for each person on my list when the clock is ticking is always a challenge. However, last night I went to the mall to return an ill-fitted sweater, and without planning it I stumbled upon several perfect gifts for a few of my loved ones. I am soooo excited about each one that I can hardly wait to deliver the surprises to its future owners.
And speaking of surprises, I am planning one for you my beloved readers! I wish I could share it with you right now but it’s not quite ready yet, so hopefully (fingers crossed!) it’ll be ready to be shared this weekend. So stay tuned for that one!
Have a lovely day y’all!

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One thought on “Holiday Shopping

  1. Long time no read :) Hope you keep posting it is always amazing to see your fashion sense 😉

    Hey btw. Any suggestions on sunscreen? I’ve never really used and now I bike daily to and from school for an hour or so, so I want to get more protected…

    hugs :* give me a call sometime to update me!! (preferably after the weekend, I’m slammed too) :)

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