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About a year ago I discovered Polyvore, a site where you can put outfits together from their seemingly infinite database of photos of clothes, shoes, beauty and accessories. From the collections at Target to the high end designers, you can find about any fashion item you might be looking for. I loved the concept since first hearing about it, but I hadn’t had much time to start playing with it, until recently.
Of course, building fantasy looks (like putting together the look you would wear to the Oscars, hehe) is one way of having fun with Polyvore. However, there might be a more practical use for it. Given their extensive gallery of items, you could probably find a lot of the ones already in your closet, and then use them to build outfits you could actually wear.
How many times have you opened your closet which couldn’t even fit a bobby pin in there anymore and emphatically declared you have nothing to wear? I’ve certainly lost count! However, the truth is the problem in those cases is not having nothing to wear, but rather not having any new and exciting ideas about how to wear what we do have. It’s also true that 15 minutes before having to walk out the door fully dressed is not the best time to try to get creative and experimental about your look. So this is where Polyvore has potential to be a life saver. You can play and experiment all you want, really get your most fashionable creative juices going, and save all those wonderful new looks that come to mind for next time you’re facing the “nothing to wear” problem.
Anyway, that’s just an idea. Let me know if you decide to give a try and how it goes. And if you do, you can follow my Polyvore account at http://abrilscorner.polyvore.com
Here I leave you with one of my first Polyvore creations, a casual little outfit that would be perfect for running errands on a hot summer day.

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  1. Había oido de Polyvore, pero no tenía idea de lo que era ni había investogado al respecto. Ahora después de leer tu blog creo que pronto entraré a Polyvore!!!

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