Fashion: Sunnies and Bling

20140115-205238.jpg 20140115-205257.jpg 20140115-205316.jpgSunglasses: Kenzo from Nordstrom Rack

Earrings: Free Press from Nordstrom Rack


I usually wait until I wear a new purchase to properly show it to you on a Look of the Day, but with these two recent acquisitions, I just couldn’t wait! You know I love sunglasses aka sunnies, so much so that the pairs I own are starting to amount to a small collection, to which I am gladly adding this Kenzo darlings to. They’re the type to give you the bug eye look, but I love that the shape is sort of different, not quite square, not quite aviator, not quite an hexagon. Just different and unique. Two adjectives I could also easily use to describe this new pair of earrings. For the past several years I’ve been really big on the statement necklaces, and I’m not planning to quit on them anytime soon, but I’d like to expand my earrings repertoire a bit, so I couldn’t resist these lovely danglers. Aren’t accessories pretty much the funnest thing about being a girl?

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